Some of the photos (the nicest ones) taken by Kisshomaru Shimamura - amazing photographer

Here some of the overlapped prints:

Do you know Hind? She scanned most of the overlapped prints, and she also has a cool post of the Doha edition of -162ºC Trading Power

Qatar and Japan have seemingly very dissimilar cultures, lifestyles, histories, forms of government and religions. Yet, in recent times, they find themselves tied by a rather unique bond, Liquid Natural Gas. Japanese hunger for LNG starts in 2011, right after the Fukushima disaster and the consequent shut down of most nuclear plants in Japan. The need for energy became urgent and it is then that Qatar stepped forward offering to Japan large quantities of LNG at competitive prices.

LNG might be odourless, colourless and almost weightless, but in fact, it is very tangible in its uses and outcomes. Once fed into the Japanese pipe system, LNG reaches Japanese citizens’ homes allowing them to cook and heat their houses. It also becomes the propellant for the new Tokyo Taxis, some buses, and trucks. Furthermore, it is used in the pulp and paper, metals, chemicals, petroleum refining, stone, clay and glass, plastic, and food processing industries. 

-162°C is the temperature at which Natural Gas becomes liquid, shrinking its volume by 600 times, thus becoming a very convenient commodity to trade. At -162°C Japan and Qatar tie up their most relevant relationship, as Japan is the top LNG purchaser for Qatar and Qatar is the largest provider of LNG to Japan. 

As an exhibition, -162°C Trading Powers critically highlights and explores the relationship that appears to be exclusively economic. In reality, such a relationship impacts lifestyles, environments and geopolitics of two faraway - yet so close - countries.

The printing process is transformed into a performative event, with 41 printers naturally swinging and shaking while producing printed matter that is then reiteratively fed into other printers. The final outcome is a series of semi-random collages exploring the complex relationship between Qatar and Japan seen under the lens of LNG trade.

-162°C Trading Powers is a joint project and exhibition by the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology and VCUarts Qatar hosted at W+K+, a gallery space run by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

The list of people involved in various ways and with various levels of engagement includes:

Maryam Al-Homaid
Nathan Ross Davis
Levi Hammett 
Michael Hersrud
Giovanni Innella
Junichi Kanebako
Simone Muscolino

Reham Ahmed
Hend Al-Kuwari
Hind Al Saad
Sarah Elawad

Year: 2018
Place: Tokyo