Design-a-Fortune is a disruptive element designed for Chinese restaurant Mangos in Newcastle upon Tyne.The restaurant owner Jason was concerned with encouraging feedback by customers, improving tips to his waiters, improve the restaurant's on-line reputation and help promote the orders of a home-made dessert. After a talk with him, the Design Disruption Group, whom I'm proudly part of, decided to design these special fortune cookies that tackle Jason's issues.

Message 1:

Through discussion, comes agreement. Through honesty, comes improvement. Discuss your meal and feedback to our waiters

Message 2:

A generous tip to our waiter Jason is an investment for your future happiness

Message 3:

Positive contributions on reflect the positivity of your soul

Message 4:

The Brits are great adventurers in the face of difficult choices. Build our heritage and try our home-made dessert no.30 on the dim sum menu

Year: 2011

Description: Customized fortune cookies, distributed to the customers of the restaurant