Design that Thinks

A project with Agata Jaworska


Form-giving is the Dutch word for design, but design has meaning beyond shape, material and technique. Within the exhibition “SUPER - Neo-barock paths between art and design”, edited by Marco Petroni, DESIGN THAT THINKS presents works which show how matter is linked to broader implications and possibilities, and that decisions surrounding a design, are indeed ethical. Confronting issues such as the human relationship to nature, contemporary possibilities for luxury, working conditions within the factory, the human desire to consume and possibilities of local materials, present and past work of the Design Academy Eindhoven show that designers not only need to design with form and aesthetics, but also, with a conscience.

Featured designers: Jón Björnsson, Reinier Bosch, Johan Bruninx, Mark van der Gronden, Hung-pin Hsueh, Maarten Kolk, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Lise Lefebvre, Sander Lucas, Anke Louwers, Jo Meesters, Daniela Pais Luxembourg, Lonny van Rijswijck, Tobias Rockenfeld, Maya Saikali, Frank Tjepkema, Thomas Traxler, Tomm Velthuis, Frank Willems, Shen Ying, Jie Yu Yong, Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari

As part of SUPER - Neo-barock paths between art and design an exhibition curated by Marco Petroni, ex Chiesa S. Francesco della Scarpa Lecce (IT), 2009