Domestic Affairs (Doha)

The house is a home of a paradox. It houses the simultaneous desire to share private matters in the public realm and to seek privacy in the public. The house is an interface for mediating our societal relations, representing the attitude we have towards our local and global neighbours and political and economic systems. While we blur our houses on google streetview, we invite unknown guests to rent one of our rooms for a night or two.

We bring the public life in our homes and our private domestic life in the public. Yet we struggle balancing privacy and popularity, trust and distrust, engagement and retreat. By dimming up and down such parametres our homes change, but mainly, the lives of their inhabitants differ. The possible combinations of such parameters are infinite and always changing, just like the lifestyle of the world citizens and their sense of home. Before being a spatial place, or an architectural structure, a financial asset, or a set of appliances and technologies, home is a state of mind.

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