This publication is part of the Design Meaning course in Chiba University.

Geta is one of the most famous archetypal products of Japan. In this project, we used different materials in making the getas, as we would like to experience and learn the various production processes involved. Each material gives a new perspective on this ancient archetype of the Japanese clog. Aside from the material, we also played around with the different shapes of the geta. To our surprise, we discovered new possible or absurd functions when we changed the shapes or the materials of the geta. Beyond the material and shape, we noticed that the archetype of a geta includes hidden perspectives: from the sound that a geta makes, to the way a person walks while wearing it. With this publication, we hope to bring you along the fun process we had throughout the project. This project can be seen as a continuation of Japanese artist Shuhei Hasado.

Year: 2016