Design Tunes

Design Tunes features prominent voices in the field of design. These musical tracks capture, repeat and amplify the way we talk about ourselves and our profession, offering a soundboard of the patterns present in design discourse today. By playing the messages that design emits, design tunes aims to start a dialogue and to create space for alternative voices. A project by Institute of Relevant Studies: Giovanni Innella, Agata Jaworska with Hias in Heaven (01, 02, 04, 08, 10), Giestas (06, 07), Callum Copley (06, 07), Marijn Ophorst (09), Tijmen Daniëls (09). Institute of Relevant Studies is a practice that currently exists in a state of beta. Initiated by Giovanni Innella and Agata Jaworska, IoRS is an informal network of collaborators that come together on demand.

Year: 2012

Description: A website reachable at