Exhibition of Exhibitions

A way of representing situations through the use of silicon. In this way every part of the objects is visible. This technique avoids all the variables of photography (position of the object, background, lights, aperture, exposure, ISO…), and it reduces these variables to only two: thickness and color. In this sense it can be said that this is a less manipulated representation. Museums, galleries, fairs and exhibitions in general are representation factories. Not only because it is in these places that many visitors create images with their cameras or because the interaction with the objects exhibited is limited to the sense of sight, but above all because the context influences the subject irreparably. The value and meaning of the context are transferred to what is exhibited. It is no longer the object which is consumed, but rather a situation, a flow of meanings which portend a circularity of roles or at least an equivalence in valence between the context and the object exhibited.

Year: 2008

Description: silicon spread on exhibited design artefacts, the plinths and part of the floor. Performed at the Vanabbe Museum and Design Huis.