Design for Download

Design for Download is a project developed by Droog, on which Agata Jaworska and I worked as consultants together with designer Joris Laarman, communication strategist Cathal McKee (CMK1), furniture producer Hans Lensvelt, legal advisor Catherine Jasserand (Ivir) and internet entrepreneur Michiel Frackers.

This project hypothesized a new design industry based on the available technologies for de-localized production, like 3d printing, CNC and laser cutting for example. In doing so, the project redefined the role of the designer as the one of a professional that provides new tools, templates and guidelines for customized productions, rather than one that delivers finished products. Designers were let free to invent alternative business models for their on-line space on the platform. The technological progress suggested the birth of a new industry where also manufacturers and consumers would take on different roles. As a result, a para-industry was outlined, with consumers that could provide local delivery services and manufacturers that could see their business revitalized. The resulting industry resembled a community, indeed.

The outcome of this investigation was presented during the Furniture Fair of Milan in 2011

Year: 2010

Description: an on-line platform and a set of tools and products proposed by designers Minale-Maeda and‎.

A screenshot of the tool for Facades and Functions allowing anyone to create customized pieces of furniture, by EventArchitectuur

Box-o-rama by Eventarchitectuur, an online tool to create entirely customizable shelves

design for download - milan 2011

Inside Out chairs and tables by Minale-Maeda