Manifesto was a one week workshop held at RIOT space in Naples by designer Francesca Lanzavecchia and me. The group of participants was diverse, as they were coming from a variety of disciplines ranging from political science to product design, from architecture to science of communication and fashion design. The goal of the workshop was to identify the role of the designer in our society and create manifestos in the form of text and artefacts, using the standard mono-block chair as a template to manipulate. Initially participants were asked to use previous manifestos from art and design movements of the past printed on magnetic sheets. By recombining the words they had to build their own manifestos. Successively they wee given of a plastic mono-block hair each to modify and make it become their monument. The workshop ended with an exhibition.

Here you can see the work of Francesco Di Maso and Chiara Scarpitti.

Francesco has interpreted design as an opportunity to think beyond what we conventionally think, turning the plastic chair into a guitar. Here you can see his explorations.

Chiara has chosen to change the scale of design, turning what is micro into macro. Her Cosmografia delle Cose (Cosmography of Things) is a small installation that documents her careful journeys and mapping around the plastic chair.

Year: 2012

Short manifestos on magnets, starting from previous manifestos of the past

The experiments of Francesco

The observations of Chiara